BPhair Multiway Dark Cool Blonde (ash#) 50cm 55g NEW WEIGHT AND PARTS

Product available


Renewed BPhair Multiway - extensions!

(For a full head extensions, on average two packages are needed)

Multiway-extensions are of the same quality as our other asian hair extensions. You can choose to use the hair either as clip-on extensions or as tape in extensions. The length of the hair is 50cm and the weight is 55g. For a full head extension, on average two packages are needed.

When you use the hair as tape-in extensions, you simply need to gently rip off the clips and attach tape to the hair ribbon, to the same side as where the clips were. Then you cut the ribbon in pieces of a size you desire. Please bear in mind, that you will always need an even amount of same size pieces to attach them against each other. 

If you follow the attached instructions, you will get 20pcs of parts of hair about 2,8cm in width (10 pairs).

Tape roll (Pro Tape 2,7M) is available separately. From one Pro Tape 2,7M roll you will have enough tape for over four Multiway - packages. 

Pictures of the shades are directive, and the shades might look a bit different on computer screens. We will gladly help you in case you need assistance in selecting the best color option for you. You can always ask help and send pictures of your hair to our e-mail address: info@bphair.fi.

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