KALVE Baby pink mini braids 10 pcs

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10 pcs of handmade two-ended mini braids. One mini braid equals two mini braids in head so that 10 mini braids equals 20 mini braids in the hair. 

The mini braids can be used in dreadlocks, as highlights in straight hair or partly braided in hair. Making mini braids for the entire head is much faster with these compared to making them with fiber hair. 

The endings of the braids are rotated. The braids are handmade so the length and size of them can vary. The braids are not similar compared to one another. One package of synthetic hair fiber has been used in each mini braid package. The width of each braid is 5-8mm and the length folded is 57-62cm. 

Attach the braids to hair with making a braid or using a rubber band. 

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