HH Simonsen Air Brush, Black

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Air Brush has an ‘airy’ design, which lets the airstreams run freely and gives an extraordinary quick and effective blow-dry while combing the hair. The innovative and flexible bristles glide easily through the hair and helps minimize hair loss. The big round ball tips gently massage the scalp and help stimulate blood circulation. Last but not least the bristles on the Air Brush are strategically positioned to provide effective separation of the hair when combing.

  • Intelligent placement of the bistles gives an effective separation of the hair
  • Extremely flexible bristles limit hairloss
  • Open design to ensure optimal airstream
  • Extra-large ball tips stimulate the scalp
  • Ergonomic rubber coated handle for a better grip
  • Heat resistant bristles up to 240 degrees
  • Brush is shaped/curved after head, to help lift bigger sections of hair


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