HH Simonsen ROD VS1, Spiral Curls

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ROD VS1 was the first member of ROD -family and now it is among the most popular ones. It is modern and versatile styling iron which can create beautiful spiral curls. Curlig iron is designed in a way that let's you change the size of curls: If you use the tip, you will get smaller curls. On the other hand if you use the most width part curls will be bigger and softer.

ROD VS1 has a ceramic teflon coating which ensures that hair slides nicely when using - even if hairspray had been used. 

  • Perfect for beautiful spiral curls
  • Temperature from 120-200° C
  • Ceramic Teflon coating for nonstick
  • Ergonomic handle
  • With touch function
  • Dual voltage 110V and 240V
  • Barrel size 13 – 19 mm
  • Heat cover for storage
  • Heat protection glove
  • 5 year warranty for consumers
  • Three metre rubber cord
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