KALVE x BPhair Dream Curler set Black

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Get the curls of your dreams while you are sleeping!

The soft and bendy 90 cm long hair roll is being rotated to your hair. You can affect the durability of the curls by lightly wetting your hair with a spray bottle and adding setting lotion or styling mousse beforehand. The surface of the hair roll is made of velvet. That makes sure that the hair roll doesn't move while you sleep. It is possible to place the hair roll on top of your head or behind it if you prefer to sleep on your side. The shape of the hair roll can change a bit because the material is so soft. 

The package contains:

* The hair roll with a velvet surface

* 2 hairclips that can be used to attach the roll to your hair (The hairclips can be removed for the night)

* 2 Velvet scrunchies that are meant for the hair ends

* Instructions for use


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