BPhair Premium Slavic -wave/curly tape hair 23# (about shade 10) 2,8cm taped parts 10pairs

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23# is about shade 10 warm, a bit honeyish beige. 

BPhair Premium Slavic -wave/curly hair is made of naturally curly hair, non-permanented slavic hair.

The level of the hair's curliness/waviness varies a bit depending on the product because it is made of genuine natural curly hair so the curl may not be exactly the same in every bundle. Like a Finnish natural curl, the wave/curl is slightly rougher than straight hair and requires a straightening iron to be straight and smooth.

Suitable for curly and very wavy hair. For straight as well as gently wavy, we prefer straight extension hair, which also is a bit flexible and gently wavy, especially after washing.

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