BPhair Multiway hair extensions (clip or tape)[1]

BPhair Multiway hair extensions

The hair is the same BPhair quality that you have previously only been able
to obtain through your hair stylist. You may use the hair either
traditionally as clip-on extensions or as tape-in extensions. The
length of the hair is 50cm and they weigh 50grams. For full head extensions you
need 2 packages.

When using the hair as tape-in extensions, you simply have to detach the
clip-on part from the hair and apply the tape to the line of hair. After this cut
the hair into 4cm sections according to the indicated lines. The sections
have twice the amount of hair compared to the traditional BPhair tape-on
extensions, so instead of the usual 20 pairs you only need 10 pairs (2
packages) for full head extensions.

Tape rolls can be purchased separately and one roll is sufficient for six
Multiway packages.

NOTE! The colours are indicative and may look a little different on your
computer screen. We are happy to help if you need assistance in selecting
the correct colour for you hair. To get assistance, you can send us a photo of your own hair at