evo® is a innovative, individual and honest hair and beauty product manufacturer which tells the truth. Company was born from desire to produce a quality hair salon series (which isn't sold as a relief for pain of life, love or any other kind of pain). evo® steps out from the box of inventions that bends the truth with a twistedly honest ’don´t by it’ -campaign – which is meant to make people think. The slogan of the company is – saving ordinary human’s from themselves. evo® bottle designs are filled with personality and inside you can find luxurious products. As the products give a professional finish, they also respect the enviroment. You can not find unnecessary overmarketed incredients, imagined techonology or other tricks. All the incredients in evo® products are necessary. Nothing has been included for the sake of marketing. Hairbesties Oy Ab is the Finnish importer of evo® products.

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