BPcare Gift Box For Blonde And Chemically Treated Hair

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65.00 €

BPcare Gift Box for blonde and chemically treated hair includes Platinum Shampoo 250ml, Quick Mask 250ml and Luxury Drops 50ml.


Luxurious nourishing Argan oil shampoo for blonde and treated hair. Nutrient rich Argan oil infused shampoo gently cleanses hair, while adding cool tone to your hair. Great platinum blonde hair. 250ml


 Nutrient rich Argan oil ensures an enjoyable hair care moment. Quick Mask can be used daily as a quick treatment solution. Prolonged effect time intensifies mask's effectivity. After treatment hair is filled with shine, replenished and easy to comb. Beautiful hair's best friend.  For a more intensive treatment leave the mask in for 10-15 minutes. If hair is extremely dry, mask can be boosted by adding a few drops of Luxury Drops nourishing oil. 250ml


Luxurious and nutritious drops for hair infused with Argan oil. Caress, enjoy and nourish your hair with luxury oil, which wakes your hair up to a new healthier day full of vitality. 50ml

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