BP Magnetic Lashes 2in1 Peggy CC curve

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BP Magnetic Lashes 2in1

The box includes upper and under magnetic lash pieces. For everyday look, use smaller under pieces. For more dramatic party look, use a whole lash band on both sides of your own lashes.

- change from everyday look to party look by only changing the under part of the lash.

- the box inclueds an applicator to help with applying the lashes

- finnish design

- instructions and a mirror are included in the box

- safe, fulfills the neccessary EU requirement

- vegan

- 4 magnets keep the lashes in place

- 2 extra pieces included in case of misplacing pieces

D or C curving degree means the degree of the lash fiber itself not the lash band. D curve is the curviest (not unnaturally round), C curve is the least curviest and CC curve is between these two.

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